Empowering people

We're developing a web-based easy-to-use design solution that empowers makers, hobbyists and DIY’ers to both imagine and create functional 3D printed objects.


Shapefactory will provide a design environment that enables users to intuitively combine and modify simple shapes in order to create complex designs. Our goal is to make 3D printing more accessible to people.


The sharing and publishing platform will be fully integrated into the design tool and the customizer. Some of the designs in the platform will also feed back into the Shapefactory ‘Shape Library’ in order to help other users to achieve their creative goals.


Our Smart Object technology makes designs customizable and personalizable. Our Customizer will automatically generate a web user interface and provide real-time 3D rendering of customized objects. The customizer is an integral part of our publishing platform.

From the author of OpenSCAD

Shapefactory was founded by the primary author of OpenSCAD, Marius Kintel.

The goal is to make Shapefactory and OpenSCAD compatible and complementary solutions. We collaborate tightly with the OpenSCAD development team and directly fund Open Source development activities.

Our publishing platform will be made available to both Shapefactory customers as well as OpenSCAD users, encouraging collaboration, sharing, and the reuse of designs across platforms.